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Articles read by the Commissioners

PMB1189 ALLAN, Sir Colin (1921-1998): Papers on the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, 1881-1993. Reels 1-11. Available for reference.

PMB 1189/294, Colin H. Allan (Administrative Officer), Report of the Special Lands Commission, Customary Land Tenure in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate, Honiara, High Commission for the Western Pacific, 1957;324pp.

Copies of this document is accessible at the following locations::

1. National Archives
2. National Library
3. SICHE Library (Panatina & Kukum)
4. National Parliament
5. Ministry of Lands

Media Outlets

1. Solomon Star
2. National Express
3. Island Sun

or you can contact the Commission of Enquiry Secretary for a copy.



1891 Codrington RH: The Melanesians Dover 1972 (based on data collected 1863-1887 at p29

"Florida, and parts of the Solomon Islands adjacent to it, afford an example of the division of the people into more than two exogamous kindreds. In Florida these divisions are six, called kema, and each has its distinguishing name. These are the Nggaombata, the Manukama or Honggokama, the Honggokiki, the Kaukau, the Himbo and the Lahi...... more...

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Kama 1979 ‘Guadalcanal Plains’, in Heath 1 (ed) Land Research in Solomon Islands, Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Honiara GUADALCANAL PLAINS

Thomas Kama

This research was undertaken on the Guadalcanal Plains at West Tadimboko and around the outskirts of Honiara. The Guadalcanal Plains, which lay on the northern coast of the island of Guadalcanal are the only extensive area of flat land in the Solomons. This land has proved to be of high agricultural potential. The township of Honiara is situated on the western end of the Plains. Honiara was deliberately excluded from the research programme because it is situated on public land. Most of the findings relate to customary land in the areas mentioned above, although some additional information was obtained about public land and individually owned land. Parts of the peri-urban lands around Honiara have been subjected to the process of tenure conversion, parts have been acquired for public purposes and temporary housing areas for squatters, and parts have been alienated to non-Solomon Islanders. more...

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Solomon Islands Report: Special Select Committee on Lands and Mining Office of the Legislative Assembly, Honiara, March 1976

The concept of ownership of lands and seas in the Solomons is that Solomon Islanders owned lands and seas in their entireties. By this it is meant that Solomon Islanders in owning lands also own the forests, and all its products the birds and beasts which inhabit the land surface and things in the land. more...

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A Socio-political Pressure Group : A Study of the Moro Movement of Guadalcanal Tarcisius K. Tara

Solomon Islands attained its Independence from Great Britain on July 7 th 1978. Many of those who celebrated, did not acknowledge the important contributions that many socio-political movements contributed for independence. more...

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Second Waigani Seminar: The History of Melanesia, The University of Papua New Guinea, The Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University

The main theme of this paper is the relationship between Colonial office land policies and practices, or the lack of them, and the establishment of European plantations in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate, between 1893 and 1914. more...

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